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The all new machine
Elise CBL

The only cabinless remotely controlled skid steer

Experience Elise CBL
Elise 700

Light, narrow and extremely powerful skid steer

Experience Elise 700
Elise 900

First ever 100% electric skid steer loader

Experience Elise 900MK3
MiniZ 400

Extreme power in compact design with track system

Think electric.

Sustainable FGI Vision

Commitment to Clean Energy

FGI has invested heavily in renewable energy sources for its operations, reducing its carbon footprint by 60% in the past five years. This transition showcases FGI's commitment to environmental preservation and its forward-thinking approach to sustainable business practices.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

FGI has taken steps to ensure its supply chain is sustainable. This means partnering with suppliers who uphold stringent environmental and social standards. As a result, the company guarantees that products are sourced ethically, minimizing negative impacts on both local and global communities.

Transparent Governance

To foster trust among its stakeholders, FGI maintains a transparent governance structure and inclusivity policies. Annual reports are made available to the public, and shareholders have a consistent platform for voicing concerns or suggestions.

Community Engagement

FGI is not just a business entity but also a community partner. The company has invested in local educational programs, healthcare initiatives, and infrastructural projects. Through its active engagement, FGI aims to uplift the communities where it operates, demonstrating a deep-rooted commitment to social betterment.

Resource Conservation

Understanding the importance of finite resources, methodologies to ensure maximum efficiency in its operations. Water recycling systems, waste reduction initiatives, and digitalization efforts have significantly reduced the company's resource consumption.

FIRSTGREEN industries
Low noise, zero emmission, no vibration

Low noise, zero emmission, no vibration

Environment and operator friendly solution

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* Features unique to this particular machine
SS 192 Km 78+800, 95045 Misterbianco CT, IT

DLF s.r.l. - Sede di Catania

Misterbianco CT, Itálie
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