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Elise line

100% electric, no fumes, no noise
Maximum power
3x27 kW36.2 HP36.2 HP
Maximum torque
3x120 Nm89 ftlb89 ftlb
Rated load capacity
700 - 1 200 kg1 543 - 2 646 lb1 543 - 2 646 lb

Main workhorse model.
Operation akin to standard fully featured skid-steer loader.

Key features

Low noise, no fumes, no fluids to leak

Extreme power, clean operation and minimum noise for the operator and environment makes Elise ideal for farmers, municipalities and interior operation.

Power / Normal mode

This feature allows users to customize the machine's performance according to their current needs while reducing energy consumption and costs.

60+ attachments for all sorts of tasks

Our attachment list grants you the ability to use your Elise to the fullest. If you'd however like to use your old hydraulic ones, we have Toro Dingo for that.

Remote control abilities

All of our Elise machines are packed with remote control suite - via the Danfoss remote, or even with our mobile app in case you need a quick backup solution.

Technical data

Elise 700 Elise 900 Elise 1200

Standard features

  • Rear-view camera system
  • Left and right rear-view mirror
  • Mandatory lighting
  • Front work light
  • Rear work lights
  • Orange beacon light
  • Travel alarm
  • Safety opening window
  • Front roller sunshade
  • Windshield wiper with sprayer
  • Safety reinforced cab
  • Seat with safety belt and operator detector
  • Quick coupler – SAE J2513
  • ISO joysticks, H Pattern, Reverse H
  • Vertical bucket stabilization system
  • Cable set pre-install for electric attachments
  • External battery charger
  • User and maintenance manual
  • Remote diagnostics system


  • Windowless cabin re-build set
  • Air conditioning
  • Hard-mounted display
  • Apple/Android smartphone with control app
  • Electric heater
  • Safety open door sensor
  • Off-road wheels
  • Tinted glass (only roof)
  • GPS
  • Danfoss remote
  • Different color beacons
  • Alternative sound signalisation
  • Reverse light signalisation
  • External Stop switch
  • Additional appliances sockets
  • Lifting point with light packet
All technical specifications and other information can be found in our section

Experience Elise, why?

Lithium and lead-acid batteries

Various options for battery setup available according to customer's specific work and maintenance requirements, as well as desired loading capacity.

Travel speed parameter setup

Newest functionality of our machines allows operator to find the right travel speed setup for each of the 4 travel speeds for optimum performance while perfoming specific tasks.

Cabin / Cabinless version

Cabinless version of the Elise line for operation in hazardous or contaminated environment with higher operator protection requirements.

4 travel and hydraulic speeds

Extreme precision of the machines is achieved by 4 individual speeds that the operator can choose from for both hydraulic and travel functionalities. Can be further modified by operator.

Joysticks in-cabin mode

Intuitive control system that can be customized according to individual preferences. Precise control of the machines with button mapping option for specific needs.

Garage fleet management

Fleet owners can easily control the perfomrance of each machine, assign various rights to operators and manage account credentials to each machine.

Model comparison

* Features unique to this particular machine

Battery comparison

Elise 700 Elise 1200 Elise 900 Elise 1200 Elise 900 Elise 1200
Nominal battery capacity 280 Ah 420 Ah 240 Ah 400 Ah 240 Ah 400 Ah
Nominal battery energy 25,1 kWh 40,3 kWh 23 kWh 38,4 kWh 23 kWh 38,4 kWh
Battery type Lithium Lithium Lead-Acid Lead-Acid Lead-Acid Lead-Acid
Partial charging YES YES YES* YES* NO NO
Extra maintenance required NO NO YES YES YES YES
Recyclability NO NO YES YES YES YES
Fast charge option YES YES NO NO NO NO
Battery voltage 96V 96V 96V 96V 96V 96V
Hotswap option NO NO YES YES YES YES
Extra weights required YES YES NO NO NO NO
Protection IP65 IP65 NO NO NO NO
Chargers Zivan SG3 - 96V Zivan SG3 - 96V Hoppecke - 96V Hoppecke - 96V Zivan SG3 - 96V Zivan SG3 - 96V
* Partial recharging during work is possible, but the machine must be recharged to 100% after work is finished

Think electric.

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